Cal State Apply Update

On midnight of May 31st, CSU Mentor was replaced with Cal State Apply. The new system will allow students to apply for winter 2018; it will not accept applications for fall 2017. (The deadline to apply for fall 2017 is June 19th.)
To address this issue, a pdf application will be available on the Graduate Studies website. We have put the following process into place:

  1. All complete applications submitted through CSU Mentor before 11:59 PM on May 31st will be will be downloaded and processed. Applications are considered complete when the applicant has: (1) completely filled out the application, (2) paid the $55.00 application fee, and (3) clicked submit.
  2. Incomplete applications in the CSU Mentor system cannot be processed. Those who do not complete their CSU Mentor application by the May 31st deadline will need to apply using the PDF application available on admissions page.
  3. New applicants who wish to apply for fall 2017 between the time periods of May 31st – June 19th will also be asked to apply using the PDF application available on our webpage.

More information and a link to the application is available on our admissions page. A demonstration of the Cal State Apply system was given at the April 20th Graduate Coordinators meeting. Once fully implemented, the new system has the potential to streamline our admission processes. Please join us at the next Graduate Coordinators meeting to learn more about this system!

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Project Updates


Petition for Suspension of Degree/Program Form

Any program that is considering suspending their program must fill out a; a degree/program can be suspended for a maximum of 3 years. Before the month of January of the year in which the suspension expires, the department or program faculty will notify Academic Programs of their intention either to reactivate the program or to start the discontinuance process in accordance with FAM 856.3. FAM 856.3 outlines the policy and procedures for reviewing a program for discontinuance or merger. To access the form, please click the Petition for Suspension of Degree/Program Form


End Sexual Violence Mandatory Training

The deadline for students to complete the mandatory End Sexual Violence Training was January 25, 2017. Students who have not completed the training may have a hold on their spring registration. Please notify your students that training is still available through the outlets below. Please contact the Title IX and Gender Equity Office at (909) 537-5669 for more information.

Online Program: Not Anymore, accessed through MyCoyote
In-Person: Bringing in the Bystander workshop. Please see the Title IX and Gender Equity Events page for dates and locations.

Upon completion, the holds are released by an automated process three times a day, up until March 23rd. After that date, holds will be released once a day.