Dropping a Course After the Census Date

The form is available in the Office of Graduate Studies or the Office of Records, Registration and Evaluations. It must be signed by the instructor, department chair and college dean.

Please keep in mind that permission is rarely given to withdraw from a course after the census date has passed. Extenuating circumstances must have prevented course withdrawal in a more timely manner. Reasons, which must be documented, include accident, illness (physical or mental), serious personal or family problems, or military transfer. Employment-related withdrawals are valid only when the waiver is filed before the end of the term in question. Lack of awareness of withdrawal procedures is not a valid reason. Official transcripts will indicate a "W" for this dropped class. Drop After Census Form.

Dropping a Course after the 9th and 10th Week

During the 9th and 10th weeks of the quarter, students must petition the Dean of

Graduate Studies to withdraw from courses. The Withdrawal Petition for Extenuating Circumstances is available in the Office of Graduate Studies, CH-123.