Full-time Academic Load and Course Overloads

Full-time academic status for a postbaccalaureate or graduate student requires a course load of 12 weighted units. For most graduate students this load equals two 500- or 600- level courses. Academic load certification is determined by the Records, Registration and Evaluation Office as follows:

Full time:
12 weighted units
3/4 time:
9.0 to 11.5 weighted units as determined below
1/2 time:
6.0 to 8.5 weighted units at determined below

Units for graduate programs are determined as follows:

  • 500- and 600- level course weighted at 1.5 units
  • 300- and 400- level course weighted at 1.0 units
  • 100-200 level course - these courses cannot be applied toward the master's degree and no certification is permitted unless course is stated as a condition for admission to a graduate program.

Course Overloads

To enroll in more than 16 units in any one quarter, a student must have approval of the graduate coordinator of his/her graduate program. Course Overload Permit Cards are available at the Records, Registration and Evaluations Office, UH-171 and from the department office. Financial aid recipients should consult the Financial Aid Office for their definition of eligibility.