Outstanding Thesis Award

The Outstanding Thesis Award is given annually to recognize those students who showed exceptional scholarship and dedication in developing and writing their master’s thesis or project. Each program may nominate one thesis or project for submission; submissions are judged for their originality, significance, quality, and outcomes. A call for nominations is sent to faculty at the end of the academic year, and winners are announced the following fall quarter.

We are proud to announce the 2015-2016 winners:

  • Outstanding Project: Daniel Gray, Master of Arts in Education, The Creative Warrior: A Holistic Approach to Health and Longevity
  • Outstanding Thesis: Alicia Davis, Master of Science in Biology, Characterization of Influenza Nucleoprotein Body Domain as Antiviral Target

Each winner was presented with a check for $500 and a certificate to commerate the event. Congratulations, Daniel and Alicia! Read more about their outstanding achievements.

Daniel Gray receives his certificate from Dr. Thompson

Daniel Gray, center, recieves his certificate from Dean Jeffrey Thompson (left), and his committee chair, Professor Robert London (right).


Laura Newcomb receives the certificate on Alicia's behalf.

Professor Laura Newcomb (right), accepts the certificate on Alicia Davis' behalf. She is accompanied by Professor Mike Chao (center), and Dean Jeffrey Thompson (left).