Grants, Loans, and Fellowships Quick Reference

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Graduate Equity Fellowship Student Research and Travel (SRT) ASI and IRP
Barry Goldwater Scholarship and Excellence in Education Program
State University Grant
CSUSB Emergency Loans
Purpose Increase the pool of individuals to teach in the CSU. Support the doctoral aspirations of students in the CSU. Increase the diversity of students completing graduate degrees in the CSU. Support research and travel related to academic growth and development Encourage outstanding undergraduate students to pursue research careers in mathematics, the natural sciences or engineering Need- based awards to cover a portion of tuition

Short term loan covers any type of emergency.

Major emergency loan covers tuition.

Award Type Loan of up to $10,000 per year. Max: $30,000 One-time award up to $3,000.00 $500 - $2,000 per year. Up to $1,000.00 $7,500.00   Short term up to $600.00

February 5, 2018

(campus deadline)

February 2, 2018

(campus deadline)

Annual filing process is from January 2 – March 2.

Fall term: November 5, 2017

Winter term: February 4, 2018

Spring term: April 29, 2018

Nominations due January 26, 2018


March 2


Apply one week before new quarter.

New or continuing full-time doctoral students at accredited universities in the U.S.

Undergrads and master's students applying to doctoral programs.

Lecturers enrolled full-time in doctoral program.

Eligible to work in the U.S.

Juniors, seniors, or master's degree students enrolled at a CSU campus.


All applicants must be U.S. citizens or permanent residents.

California resident; admitted to a CSU master’s program and enrolled in at least 8 units per quarter/6 per semester; financial need; demonstrate ability to complete program in two years; See CSU website for details.


CSUSB undergrads, postbac, graduate, and doctoral students.

Must be enrolled in the quarter in which they apply.

Must be in good academic standing.

Undergraduate minimum GPA: 2.5

Graduate GPA: 3.0

Full-time matriculated sophomores or juniors pursuing research careers in mathematics, the natural sciences or engineering.

Must have a "B" average and be in the upper 4th of his/ her class

US citzen, permanent resident or US national

Must be a California resident and apply for federal financial aid by March 2.

Need-based award.

See Student Accounts.

Loans must be repaid by the end of the quarter.

Must have a minimum 2.5 GPA.

Only 1 loan per academic year.

NOT Eligible

Probationary or tenured faculty members in the CSU.

Students attending CSU Ed.D programs.

Students pursuing professional degrees (law, medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, or an MBA)

Current or previous Pre-Doctoral Scholars

  Students enrolled through College of Extended Learning    
How to Apply

CSU Application Information


Chancellor's Doctoral Incentive Program Video


Pre-Doc Application Applicants must complete the FAFSA and CSUSB Scholarship Online Application


SRT Application (Online Form)


Applicants must be nominated by their institution. For information on the application process, visit the Barry Goldwater Scholarship website. Financial aid applicants automatically considered. Contact Student Accounts, UH 034