Financial Support

The California State University system and CSUSB each offer a number of avenues to help you finance your graduate education. For information on grants, loans and fellowships, please see the Grants, Loans and Fellowships Quick Reference Guide.

Program-Specific Scholarships, Grants, and Loans

Some funding opportunities are only open to specific fields of study. Please see our current list of program-specific funding, but keep in mind our list is not comprehensive. Contact your program or department for additional funding opportunities.

Work Study

A limited number of Student Assistant part-time and Bridged Student Assistant part-time, on-campus positions are available for eligible CSUSB students. Additionally, Non-Resident Alien Student Assistants are part-time temporary international students attending CSUSB under the F-1 and J-1 visa categories. Work-Study is a federally funded program that provides job opportunities on and off campus for students who are eligible to participate in need based financial aid programs.

Internships and Career Opportunities Page

Learn more about internships and career opportunities for graduate students and recent graduates holding a master's or doctoral degree. Visit our new page!

Academic Affairs Job Postings

Openings for Instructional Student Assistants (ISAs), Graduate Assistants (GAs), or Teaching Associates (TAs) are posted on the Academic Affairs website. Please see Unit 11 Position Postings for these positions.

OSR Peer Lab and Peer Research Consultants

The Office of Student Research hires a number of peer consultants to assist students through their courses. Peer Lab Facilitators lead study groups and provide additional instruction outside the classroom. Please visit the Office of Student Research Peer Lab website for more information.

OSR Summer Research Program

Developed by the Office of Student Research, this program is designed to increase opportunities for students to engage in research and creative activities during the summer while working with a faculty mentor. Funding is available for students who are interested in any research projects or scholarly activities related to their field. Please see the Summer Research Project on the OSR website for more information.

DREAMers Resource and Success Center

The DREAMers Resource and Success Center serves the undocumented student population on campus. Among its many resources, the center provides information on the DREAM loan program and an emergency grant. Please visit their office in SMSU 120-B or visit their website for more information.

Online Career Center Offers Job Search and Career Preparation Tools

Career Transitions is an online career guidance center available through Hispanic Education Technology Services (HETS). A part of the Virtual Plaza, Career Transitions offers tools for assessing your career interests and career path, searching for jobs and preparing for interviews.

To access the Virtual Plaza Career Transitions page, go to the HETS Virtual Plaza website. In the list of universities, click on California State University, San Bernardino, then enter the code: calstate2013. For more information, call (787) 766-2600, ext. 8910.